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We are a Singapore born and raised, multi-hyphenate kind of store. We are not fast fashion. We thoughtfully curate and select what makes it into the store.


From our thoughtful curation to yours.

Why “threadbare & squirrel”?

We get that question quite a lot.

Well “threadbare” because we hope you love the clothes you buy from us so much that they’ll get threadbare before you’d be willing to part with them.

“squirrel” because we like to find the beautiful and offbeat, the wonderful and curious, and find a way of bringing these objects to you.

What inspired us to start this store?

We loved the uniqueness of independent retailers that are found in London and elsewhere in the world. We were bored with the mall shopping and chain stores and the monotony of it all.

With the support of family and friends, we decided… let’s see if people would buy the things that we ourselves love

and package it with the particular experience that we think a multi-label store would provide all customers.

None of the indifference and snob-like behaviour associated with some ‘fashion’ stores. We have a genuine desire to showcase some amazing stuff and hope that you will like our curation.

Thoughtfully curated goods that are honest. We carry goods from independent labels and designers that have a unique point of view and a story to share, either in their designs or the brand’s DNA itself.

We therefore serve as a platform to showcase their stories – a local multi-label store that has the familiarity of your local pub that you frequent to get your fix.

Due to the nature of our store, we appeal to customers that dare to dress themselves and consciously take their fashion choices beyond the standard brands, chains and fast-fashion options that are bored with the standard shopping choices.

We also look to provide something different to everyone who wants to support local businesses, labels and designers, especially expats as our store seems to resonate with them for the familiarity with the stores they’ve visited back home or on their travels.

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