AÃRK’s approach to design is considered and organic. AÃRK understand that creating a simple form can be deceptively challenging.

Geometry and playful detail inform our aesthetic, but each AÃRK design is underpinned by an uncomplicated love of minimalism. Although it’s never marked on our products, they hope that AÃRK’s brand is expressed across their collections, and in each watch’s originality, simplicity and refined detail.

From precision Swiss and Japanese Quartz movements to hand-dipped casings and soft Horween Leather straps, AÃRK chooses and customises the highest quality components for each AÃRK timepiece.

Combining the values of traditional craftsmanship with the best contemporary manufacturing techniques, each of their watches is made with care and made to last. Quality is often tied to beauty but AÃRK puts just as much thought into the parts that most people won’t see.

Our timepieces are inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty.



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