Ashley & Co is a modern day scent company.

What began over twelve years ago as a unique collaboration between a husband and wife duo in Auckland, New Zealand is now a growing, creative brand.

With retailers throughout New Zealand, Ashley & Co now extends its reach to include Singapore, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Scandinavia.

The Ashley & Co collection spans 6 signature scents and includes over 30 products including liquid soaps (Washup), shampoos (Washlocks / Softlocks), hand creams (Soothe Tubes), candles (Waxed Perfume) and diffusers (Home Perfume).

Being a modern day scent company means we’re not into whimsical fantasy. We don’t promote dreams. Our scents won’t transport you to a medina in Morocco.

We’re much more excited by the potential of your reality.

Because our lives are a series of moments, they go by really fast. We schedule in half our segments and often don’t notice the minutes in-between. Ashley & Co. encourages you to make the most of the moments – to connect with yourself and the present.

Washing hands, lighting a candle, moisturizing before bed or in the car on the way to school drop off – we know these can be ritualistic moments to pique the senses and regain some semblance of connectivity with the present.

Make the most of the moment.


Ashley & co

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