Our Philosophy

Many shoe designers get so caught up in design and creating something beautiful, that there is a tendency to forget the basic fundamentals of what shoes are made for. They are created as not only an accessory to complement our outfit but also to protect the feet allowing us to walk comfortably.

Emblem believes the most important feature in a shoe is the woman wearing it. Every Emblem shoes are created with that woman in mind. They aim to empower women to have it All, the ability to stride along in style without having to compromise comfort in their lives.


All Emblem shoes are handmade with only the finest materials. Each Emblem shoe is made with high quality genuine leather, calf leather in-soles and out-soles. The shoes also feature Emblem’s signature thick fully-lined in-sole which mould to your feet to provide optimum comfort.

No Emblem shoe is produced unless they pass the comfort, quality and style testing period; in which the shoes are actually worn and used daily for a week.

To create shoes that are not only beautiful but comfortable as well.

— Emblem


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